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The firm Linegal Chemicals can offer catalogues of German companies: ROTH GmbH, Alfa Aesar GmbH, ABCR GmbH as well as American firms: Strem, Gelest, Fluorochemicals. Place an order for free of charge copy of catalogue. Please mark the catalogue you are interested in and place your data.

Catalogue Carl ROTH GmbH

This is the Polish edition of the catalogue known worlwide. You can choose from more than 15.000 items of laboratory equipment and chemical reagents. The catalogue is edited once a year, the offer is permanently enriched and updated.

Catalogue Alfa Aesar GmbH

Catalogue of German company which is specialised in delivery of chemical reagents. They offer organic compounds, high quality inorganic compounds, pure elements, precious metals’ compounds, catalysts – ca. 27 thousands of chemical reagents. The catalogue is in English language.

Catalogue ABCR GmbH

ABCR catalogue is addressed for specialists who work with:

If the searched product is not specified on the products’ list, please contact us. The offer can be broaden with the required, searched product - against customer’s commission.


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