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Linegal Chemicals Sp. z o.o., Poland is a leading provider of products and services to scientific centers, commercial manufactures, governmental institutions with chemical, medical, biological, and environmental profile.

The company has an extensive expertise in consulting, designing, and supplying complete laboratory systems including furniture, general and specialized equipment, personal protection equipment, chemical, biochemical, and analytical reagents. We offer flexible and effective solutions to diverse problems of our customers.

Linegal also distributes and produces specialty chemicals.

  1. 1991 Linegal Chemicals Sp z o.o. has been established with its main office in Warsaw, Poland. Same year the company signed a collaboration agreement with Carl Roth (Germany), a world-known supplier of chemical reagents and equipment
  2. 1994 started Genetol production - specialty reagent with applications in food industry; received authorization to officially represent ABCR GmbH company in Poland,
  3. 2000 released a first edition of Roth's catalog translated to Polish.  Each year portfolio of our products and services expands along with the new edition of the catalog
  4. 2005  received certification ISO 9001:2000
  5. 2006 awarded the title of "Gazelle of Business 2006" for outstanding overall business development


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